Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Welcome to the SugarDrone

Creating things is hard work. Creating things that actually do something original and practical is even harder. I was fortunate enough to create something that helps people have fun. It's a Baking Recipe Generator. Robust, simple, creative, and intuitive it churns out baking recipes for cookies, muffins, pie crusts, etc. in seconds. Did I mention, it is also the first baking recipe generator.

The generator is general purpose which means, you are not limited to the only all-purpose flour, milk, and white sugar recipes of your mother. No way! The generator uses of any wet or dry ingredient you can imagine. The results are recipes which are unique without being "experimental".

To show you what I have baked. I have posted some of my creations on my blog to show off the generator's accuracy. Feel free to to use SugarDrone

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